Pucker Up, Baby – It’s WINE!

Get ready to pucker up this Monday afternoon, because I have a good one coming at you! You’ve heard of the old “K.I.S.S.” rule?  Keep It Simple Sweetie (or Stupid, but I live with a 4 year old and that’s an ‘S’ word).  Here’s why this is important in life and business.

Life is complicated enough – do we really need ALL the details of your family vacation?   Probably not.  Same thing with wine tastings, I may possess the knowledge to spew out big words that mean nothing to you, but do you care?  At the end of the 5 bottle tour will you take your paper and notes that have “malo lactic fermentation” next to the Chardonnay we tasted?  Probably not.  Let me tell you what you really want to know:  ‘Does it taste good?’  ‘Do I enjoy this?’  ‘Is it making me happy?’ ‘How many bottles do I want to order?’

So the next time you are invited to a wine tasting with Traveling Vineyard – expect to be wow’d by pairing wine and foods together, not by taking copious notes on the difference between red wine and white wine fermentation.  Save that for your extended learning certification through your local community college, or let me know you want the “accelerated learning program” wine experience with your tasting.  I’ll help you out.

Whether you are a novice wine drinker, or an expert be mindful of your audience and what they really want. Simple easy terminology and explain difficult items in terms the majority of the population can relate.

K.I.S.S. in action in a tasting:  Taste vs. Drink.  Tasting means we are mindful of what is in our mouth. Drink means well, do I really need to tell you?  Tasting Steps. (1) See, what color is the wine? (2) Smell, what aromas come from the wine? (3) Swirl, do you see the legs of the wine? Do you smell something different now? (4) Sip, how does the wine taste? Is it enjoyable or not?

It is that simple. We make things difficult, it’s human nature. We embellish, we compete. It’s time to bring back a simpler time.  A time when we stopped and looked around to see what’s going on in the world – and enjoy the wine.

Huge thanks to Wine Guide and Director of Sommology at Traveling Vineyard, Missa Capozzo, for being the inspiration for this today.  Many of us overthink things – I think it is time to go back to Keeping It Simple Sweetie.



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