Wine Weekend

Wine.  What a wonderful word.  It’s is “WIN” with an “E” on the end.  A sniff of wine can evoke memories from years past.  One sip can take you back to a beautiful moment in time that you thought was lost.  Many great stories are told during a bottle of wine.  This weekend was not any different.  As we paid our respect to those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom this Memorial Day I opened a bottle of Traveling Vineyard’s Tria Syrah, a wonderfully complex red from Lodi, California.  It had just the right amount of fruit, oak, acidity and tannin.  At 16.3% alcohol, it was perfect for the beginning of summer vacation!


Although I enjoy my red wines with popcorn (which I make with bacon grease and coconut oil) it is also delicious with black licorice, BBQ chips, Veggie Straws and Bratwurst!    Where could you see yourself sipping this delicious wine?  Perhaps with some Syrah in this floating pool glass (it also sticks in the sand)! Get yours in the month of June as a guest reward when you host or attend one of my Traveling Vineyard wine events.  1.5 hours of wine and food education, 5 bottles of wine and a great time.  Check out my info at or on Facebook!  Let me help you set up your next Wine Weekend complete with great memories!!

floating-pool-glass – Jill Flynn –


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