A Day in My #wineguidelife

October 7, 2011 – I took a step, and signed up to be a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard.  The past nearly 6 years have flown by, and I am still working as a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. With a team of nearly 50, I am able to work when I want, and be a part of the family activities.  I do not have to miss a conference, concert, contest or event, unless it is on my terms. I’m not here to tell you about that, though…. I am here to show you a snap shot of what my version of #wineguidelife looks like.

With 2 kids in grade and 1 in preschool, a husband that works from home 2 days a week, drives over an hour each way for work the other 3 days and has a home based photography business – do not tell me you don’t have time to make your own schedule to work wine tastings.  During the school year (we are in our last week of school, so I am gearing up for summertime fun), we are all up by 6AM, breakfast by 6:30AM, one lunch made, husband out the door by 6:10AM (he is up earlier than the rest of us), and older kids out the door by 7:05AM for the bus. That’s all before school starts.  We have breakfast – no cereal in this house, we are trying to teach the kids to eat real food. Scrambled eggs, meats, veggies etc.  Yes, coffee, delicious, coffee.

Once everyone is out the door, it’s time for laundry – yes, I do laundry every day. It is therapeutic, and I do not (or try not) to let it sit in the basket for days on end. Wash, dry or hang, fold and put away.  It makes me a happier person knowing that the laundry is done. Clear basket = clear mind.


When do you work? Well, I have calls with my team and sit down to do some work at the kitchen table with my laptop between 8:30AM and 10:30AM daily.  I can turn on a kids show for the preschooler on days he is home, or have his sit with legos (we have enough), or on days when he has school he is at school during this time.  Perfect quiet time for me to get things done.  There are times when he thinks he needs something right now and helps himself. Like a week ago when I was on a training webinar with a team member, and he helped himself to an ice cream cone filled with sprinkles (no ice cream, although he had it out). Note in the images below there are colorful sprinkles all over the rug on the floor, the table and the the blurry ice cream cone in his hand. You can work your business with young children at home, it takes a great amount of love and understanding, and the wine helps greatly.

When I work my business at home I am intentional.  I have limited time to concentrate on what needs to get done, and start with money making tasks (contact guests and hosts, set up events etc), after all, this is MY BUSINESS.  As a stay at home momprenuer it is crazy important to act like the CEO of a business.  Get shit done, then have fun!

Then, there is the outside work. The garden, the mowing, the picking up poop (no photos of that, thankfully)… Again, teaching the kids to eat real food, the work and joy in growing your own food and the fun to play in the mud.  This year’s garden has beets, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, summer squash, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus and the huge horseradish in the middle. Strawberries and sunflowers are planted outside of the garden, we’ll see how well they do this year.  Our first crop of 4 strawberries for 2017 was consumed in about 30 seconds!

There is always time to in the day – when your day is properly planned out – for a workout.  Be intentional and efficient – go hard, and your work will pay off.  I like to get my workout inspiration from the Cross Fit EOD (email of the day), and go from there. I also join free challenge groups to stay accountable.   Want to see what the EOD is like?  Check out this link: http://crossfit.us12.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=408776e8ee20d739d8d3ba3ed&id=c59d9df5b2
C2 rowing workout

Finally, although it may seem like I drink wine all day – I save it for the end of the day (mostly) when I can really enjoy it.  While cooking dinner, or getting the kids ready for bed.  Most of the wines I consume are from Traveling Vineyard, however I like to venture out and explore new wines to help my customers find similar wines in our inventory, and to keep a broad palate.  I enjoy variety in my wines and love learning about new varietals.


Think you could love a day like this, almost every day (days vary – this is a snapshot from a Wednesday, minus evening activities)?  Listen in to our call tonight about how Wine Guide Life will improve your happiness with great rewards, business plans and friendships! Register here for our 9PM EST Taste of the Business.


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