Mother’s Day Brunch

Do you ever wonder how people and companies come up with “the most popular (insert item here)”?   In this case, I’m talking brunch, not just any brunch, Mother’s Day Brunch.  What are the most popular Mother’s Day Brunch items out there?  Here is a list I compiled, based solely on tasty images from the internet, things I can pronounce, and items I may eat or serve to others.  No listing is complete without wine, so I have included my top picks for wine pairings to go with these brunch ideas. Please note, these are solely my thoughts and ideas based on a pile of food and wine pairing books I have at home, my knowledge gained through working as a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard and what sounds good together – because if I wouldn’t pair it why would I suggest it?

  1. Eggs Benedict.  Pair this with a good bubbly, a mimosa (which is why we start here), a Riesling that is off-dry or try Traveling Vineyards’ Ibrido a Riesling / Pinot Blanc hybrid known as Manzoni Bianco, even a lighter style Chardonnay works well, Zeffer Hills is a lightly oaked delicious example of a Chardonnay for many.


2. Chocolate Waffles with Raspberries. I know what you’re thinking, I can’t have chocolate, so how would I know about this pairing? My wine tasting experiences.  Plain and simple. Nine times out of ten when these wines are shown with chocolate stuffed raspberries, more than one bottle is ordered.  That is why I would pair these waffles with a great Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel (highly recommend the Small Hours Zinfandel – it is full of raspberry and mocha aromas), and the Italian blend of Sangiovese and Montepulcciano.  Mainly because the name is fun to say as are the varietals inside the bottle.choc_waffles

3. Cinnamon Rolls.  The old classic.  My mom has a couple gallon sized freezer bags filled with her home made cinnamon rolls at any given time, because you never know when you are going to want or need a good cinnamon roll.  Let’s pair this with the fun Italian blend of Sangiovese / Montepulcianno, a good Riesling, or with a pat of butter and a great Chardonnay!



4. Lemon Blueberry Muffins.  Because plain blueberry muffins are boring.  Add the citrus and watch or feel your taste buds getting excited!  Pair this with an acidic white like Grillo, Traveling Vineyard’s Manzoni Bianco masterpiece, a wonderful Moscatel that offers just the right amount of sweet to work with the muffins, a Chardonnay or a beautiful Moscato blend from Spain!


5. Frittata.  Looking for another great egg style recipe?  My favorite is a frittata – basically a quiche without the crust (makes it so much easier), add veggies and meats, and nearly anything you want in this dish.  Pair it with the Riesling / Pinot Blanc cross known as Manzoni Bianco, Gewurtztraminer, or Grillo!



Want to try your recipes with the wines first?  Let me know – send me a message ( and we’ll get something set up for your 5 bottle tour of great wines from around the world!  Want to see more great wines and food pairings?  Check out to see all the wines Traveling Vineyard offers.

Cheers! Jill


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