School’s Out For Summer!!

School’s out for summer.  What do you do during the summer?  Is it filled with ball games, cook outs and pool time?  Maybe you spend your day in an office longing for the weekend when you can mow and catch a few rays of sunshine.  Maybe you’re like me and you spend your days filling the kids full of summertime memories, play dates, pool time, library outings, music lessons, sports camps and sneaking in time to work on my business.  All of this happens in the same 24 hours as during the school year!

What I’ve learned over the years is to schedule and plan.  From play dates to meals and everything in between.  Start simple, don’t try to do it all at once.  Find a system that works for you – and stick to it. The kids have a calendar, my wine business has a calendar, my wine tasks have a calendar and my workouts  have a calendar.  Everything else is scheduled around these items.

What goals do you have for the summer months?  I want the kids to remember how much fun they had even if they didn’t go to some far off destination.  We are making memories at home – memories and spaces that will far surpass the heat and humidity of summertime.  We are improving our lives and enjoying every minute of it!

If you are looking to make adult sized memories with your friends and family this summer – schedule a 5 bottle wine tasting at your kitchen table, where you will be educated and entertained one sip at a time.  After all, the kids shouldn’t be the only ones writing about cool things they do over summer break!



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  1. Such a great post, it makes me longing for the carelessness of Summer days 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’m learning it is important for the kids to make memories, too. 😉

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