When the Time is Right

Six years ago I was approached by my current up-line to start a wine business with Traveling Vineyard. I had a full time job and was a little offended that she even asked me.  Why would I want to do that? I don’t want to be a pushy sales person in business for myself, besides I have a college degree and 4 majors!   Fast forward a couple years – she asked again, this time I was looking. I was looking to get out my full time job, the corporate air was tainted, I didn’t like it. I was applying for other similar jobs, and in steps Penny. She asked if I’d be interested in hearing more about the opportunity, and I questioned everything as if my life depended on it. I talked it over with my husband and in the end we said, “Why not? Give it a try.” Two weeks later, my full time position was moving out East, and I could go with it, if I wanted to move the family and not receive a pay increase.  Easy decision.  I let it go.

Four years later, four promotions later I see why Penny stayed the course and asked me again.  It isn’t  being a pushy sales person – this is how many people support their families.  Now I see.  Now I do.  That is me.  It is being able to do something I enjoy – getting compensated for it and all the friends I’ve met along the way.  The other day I was a wine tasting and as I opened the trunk to get my wine out I saw how far I’ve come as a person.  For inside my cork bag purchased from my neighbor and Thirty-One consultant I see my Arbonne lotion, while wearing my Premier, Lia Sophia, and Origami Owl jewelry, look at my Jamberry nails and the Wild Tree coconut oil was in my smoothie on the way to the tasting.  I’ve come a long way – and sometimes you have to walk in someone else’s shoes before you understand why they do what they do.

I am not a hypocrite – the timing was off. When the time was right I took the plunge, I made the decision and I am glad I did.  Do not be offended when I ask you if you are interested in joining the business, some day you may decide the small investment is worth it.


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