I’m not super big on ‘tooting my own horn’, but today is a different story.  This story starts with a trip to Los Cabos with Traveling Vineyard.  I earned a trip.  I earned the coveted incentive trip to Los Cabos, Mexico with my Direct Sales company, Traveling Vineyard.  I earned this trip for 2!  January in Iowa is wonderful – if you’re a penguin or a polar bear or enjoy the climate on Hoth (Star Wars geeks know what I’m talking about).  Thankfully, January is when we headed for warmer weather, sunny days, sandy beaches and tequila – lots and lots of tequila.

I’ll spare you many details, not because I don’t remember them, but they aren’t the focus here. Here we focus on the latest trend in social media the hash tag.  Today we focus on #flynning.  #flynning came about in CABO at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, on the beach in a cabana, by my good friend Elizabeth Strobel.  Day 3, I believe, that part is foggy… when my husband and I decided to utilize the weight room, and lift before heading down poolside for drinks, sun and fun.  We walked down to the beach cabanas feeling good after a 30 minute session of weights and working out in a weight room (Adam Sandler reference, anyone?).  When we reach the cabanas I hear someone ask where we’ve been, when I tell them, our last name is instantly turned into a verb.   Those Flynn’s were flynning again.  Some day I’m going to do some flynning, and it’s going to be great.

Now, when I think of going out for a run, lifting weights, doing any sort of physical activity at all I think of flynning, however I have also started to use it when great things happen in life. I added 3 new members to my team, I’m in the top 20 for our LUXX trip (incentive trip to Jamaica), I hit the 30% club and had 2 team members promote all in MARCH!  That is hard core #FLYNNING.   Want to know more about #flynning? Contact me in the “let’s chat” box on http://www.thefitwineaux.com.

photo credit: Elizabeth “Strobes” Strobel


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